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Phoenix Wright RP @ LJ

& __TURNABOUT {CRACK} \ Phoenix Wright RP
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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, is a text adventure game released by Capcom in October of 2005 for the Nintendo DS (released a month earlier in Japan under the name "Gyakuten Saiban ~ Yomigaeru Gyakuten). It is a remake and adaptation of the GBA game Gyakuten Saiban (often translated as "Turnabout Court" or "Comeback Court"), which was released only in Japan in 2001. Gyakuten Saiban 2 and 3, also released on the GBA (and again only in Japan), came out in 2002 and 2004 respectively. The series was received with moderate success and has spawned a modest amount of merchandise, including soundtracks, collectable figures, art and fan books, and a short, promotional manga.

PW:AA is an adventure game where you play the part of Phoenix Wright, a novice defense attorney on his first case. It consists of investigation and courtroom sections, in which you gather evidence, speak to witnesses, and then take your findings to court where you "battle" opposing council to get an acquittal for your client. The latest edition takes advantage of the DS features by allowing you to view evidence and character profiles on the bottom screen, along with 3D evidence manipulation and voice recognition.

This roleplay focuses on the everyday life of an attorney -- who happens to live in a city where odd, comical things happen. If you've played the game, you know what we mean. Whacked out court cases, strange (murderous?) ex-girlfriends, the works. All in a day, according to these folks.

It's crack. It's crack and we love it -- and I'm not taking the time to explain why Mia's alive. She just is. Application forms are in the community's first post, feel free to join us!


Phoenix Wright: Male; age 24. Phoenix is generally easy-going, which usually leads to his friends leading him around. He's dedicated to defending his innocent clients, but because he's just starting out he depends a lot on his boss and mentor, Mia Fey. Phoenix is also a loyal friend who won't back down once he's set his mind on something. Phoenix does not have a driver's license or a car. It's also a little unclear where he actually lives...
[Played by elly_marion.]

Miles Edgeworth: Male; 24. The young "genius" prosecutor of the DA's office. Miles Edgeworth began his career as a prosecutor at the young age of 20, and in the four years since has maintained a perfect record of guilty verdicts. Seen as a snob, his condescending nature and relentless prosecution (along with rumors of evidence and witness tampering) have earned him the name "Demon Prosecutor." He despises criminal behavior, and will do anything to get lawbreakers behind bars. And look stylish doing it.
[Played by hinoryu.]

Maya Fey: Female; 17. Heir to a prominent family of spiritualists, Maya is Phoenix's obligatory perky sidekick. Her spiritual powers are still somewhat underdeveloped, and she has trouble calling spirits sometimes. Maya is optimistic, excitable, friendly, curious, and a fangirl for all things Steel Samurai. Like her sister she is tenacious to a fault, and very attached to "Nick" (her and her sister's name for him). Not always the brightest but loyal and outgoing.
[Played by beat_exe // manamari.]

Mia Fey: Female; 27. Always cool under pressure, Mia Fey is smart, tenacious, a strict teacher and sometimes even coy. She has a great affection for her sister but is also very independent, and strives to uncover truth at all costs. She seems to have a problem with names, calling Larry "Harry" quite often.
[Played by prettyalchemy.]

Larry Butz: Male; 23. Larry has been Phoenix's friend since grade school, and despite his problems with women (and slacking off) he's a good friend who sticks by Phoenix. Larry is generally easy going and laid back, but shows his emotions easily. He's very trusting and a little flaky, which leads to him moving between women and part time jobs fairly regularly.
[Played by futureofsmiles.]

Dick Gumshoe: Male; 30. Detective Dick Gumshoe is the only detective currently employed that Phoenix has any contact with. Though well meaning, he's not the sharpest tool in the shed. Gumshoe takes great pride in his work, and also in his "strong bond of trust" with the prosecutor's office. He's usually cheerful, is hardworking, and eager to please. But he also takes his job seriously, which causes conflict when he wants to help both sides of the case. Can sometimes be easily discouraged.

Manfred von Karma: Male; 65. Miles' mentor and keeper of a perfect record. Von Karma is a ruthless prosecutor, believing only perfection can be tolerated. He'll do anything to get a guilty verdict. Sometimes arrogant but never overly cocky, von Karma never loses his cool and has even the Judge pretty much whipped.

Franziska von Karma: Female; 18. A young "genius" prosecutor who has been carrying on work in Germany. Franziska is much like her father--striving for perfection. Always curt and precise, but she displays more smugness (and frustration) than Karma. She also goes to extreme lengths to preserve her record. Despite speaking formally most of the time, she sometimes breaks out into petty and redundant insults, mostly involving "stupid" or "fool". Example: "Only a foolish fool from a land of fools could think something so foolishly foolish."


Jessica Kelley: Female; 24. Jessica graduated from an Ivy League school -- and while it may not show on the outside, it definitely shows in the courtroom. The female defense lawyer takes on a hellish sort of intensity to defend her innocent clients; finding subtle ways to point the prosecution in the right direction if they are, in fact, guilty. As far as she's concerned, the money isn't everything -- which is good, because sometimes being an attorney, in her own words, "just isn't worth the aggravation to get paid".
[Played by prettyalchemy].

Ellinore Baronski: Female; 25. Motivated by the murder of her sister (also former law student), Ellinore is fresh from law school, and still seeking real employment in a law firm. Persistent and intuitive, she likes to investigate where often others would not and has an acute inability to say no to people who really need help; often winds up in trouble because she trusts a bit too much. Her original plan was to become a nurse, but instead she became a defense attorney. She feared siding with the prosecution for becoming a mite too dogmatic.
[Played by elly_marion.]